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Xiao Mo Li and the Blood Willow

One of ten witches design from Book of 31 Witches
Once upon a time there was a men-eating willow tree. It eats any human that passing by the forest. One day, a pair of husband and wife beg for their life not to be eatem. They rolled a bundle of cloth. “This is our offering. Please don’t eat us.” And then they left. Inside the bundle there was a baby girl, healthy but blind. Instead of eating her, the willow raise her instead.The willow give her water, flesh and blood from it’s prey.

Young Mo Li become linked to the willow tree. She love her mother tree so much, she helps her preying on human. The blood willow would give anything for it’s child. Mo Li wishes to see, and willow gave her hundreds of eyes.

Ann maulina mo li