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Art of Sam Numit

Concept arts of my final project: Sam Numit the boardgame (2014)

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Sam Numit is a redesigned story of Indonesian famous folktales. The redesigning resulted a crossover of Indonesian folktales about freedom. Folktales that included are Timun Mas, Lutung Kasarung, 1000 Candi, and Malin Kundang.

Ann maulina jawadvipas

The story set in a whole new universe, called Yawadvipas (which means islands of Java). Every nation has it's own superior technology.

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One of them is Mitenore. Rich and famous by its culture, nature and genetic engineering technology. Mitenore is surrounded by an ocean of trees.

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Forbidden Forest

Ann maulina 2

Forbidden Forest - Swamp

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Forbidden Forest - Early concept and development

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Refugee were the original folks of Mitenore but coup d'etat force them to live as slaves to the rhaksasas. The designs are based on supporting characters on "Ni TImun Mas dan I Lantang Hidung" folktale.

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The design of rhaksasas are based on Buto folklore.

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Most of the characters are redesign of characters from the original folktales. Sammi is a redesigned character of Timun Mas

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Oji Thobu is a redesigned character of Buto Ijo from TImun Mas folktale

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Sarungka is the redesigned character of Lutung from Lutung Kasarung folktale

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Rhemit is a redesigned character of Hermit from TImun Mas folklore. He disguise himself as a leak (evil witch)

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character design development

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"Gunungan" design contains story in form of simbols. Sigil of Mitenore and Rhaksasa.