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Book of 31 Witches

"Book of 31 Witches" is an artbook that was designed in form of medieval traveling journal.
This journal records 31 witches and their unique characteristic.
The characters was designed by three artist: Mukhlis Nur, Dewitri Virika, and Ann Maulina (me)

Book specification:
size A5 | 21 x 14,7 cm
hard cover binding
82 pages artpaper 120 mgs

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content page

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book page preview

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A thank you page for our backers

Ann maulina dasha

Dasha the Dimension Jumper

Ann maulina famura

Famura the Skulptor

Ann maulina farimir

Farimehr the Sun Storm

Ann maulina karaha

Karaha the War Remnant

Ann maulina lyra

Lyra the Song of the Wind

Ann maulina mo li

Mo Li and the Blood Willow

Ann maulina piphora

Piphora the Silk Wings

Ann maulina sahra

Sahra the Pale Crow

Ann maulina uta

Uta the Beholder

Ann maulina vermilion

Vermilion the Skeleton Key