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Karaha the War Remnant

Book of 31 Witches
Karaha is a unique existence. Because she was ‘created’ by men, she might be the only ‘artificial magus’ in this land. Karaha was born from a failed attempt to create an ultimate magical weapon during the war 50 years ago. She was created by The Toran, a clan of magus that was wiped out during that war. Unfortunately, The Toran was forced to activate Karaha that was still incomplete but fail to actually use her in actual combat. The clan was destroyed before they could even sent Karaha, and she was left buried under the ruins of Toran.
By some coincidence, Karaha was accidentally activated once again 50 years after the war ended. Ever since she woke up, she’s been wandering around like a ghost, seeking for her ‘battlefield’. Her ability to control ‘rust’ and iron, even merge them into her own body is feared by many kingdoms. Especially because she often wander into a battlefield and wreck havoc indiscriminately.

Ann maulina karaha