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Raruurien Promo Art + process gif

"Rien is a witch. Just like other witches, she was feared and discriminated by people.
But, with her husband help, she can fit herself into society as a herbalist."

"Being a mother of two sons, Ra (6, brown haired) and Ruu (5, white haired) she have nothing more to ask for."

"But at one point, she have to face the worst tragedy in her life--losing her beloved husband.
Will she be able to maintain her peaceful life without him?"

Raruurien is a heartwarming story about family in an ethnic themed village, inspired by true events.

This is the official promo art of my comic, Raruurien as one of Kroma project 2015
Kroma is a full color comic anthology consist of three comic titles
You can read the comic here:

Ann maulina eng 005
Ann maulina herbal workshop wipf

process gif